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The Bosch Health Campus draws together all of the Robert Bosch Stiftung’s institutions and funding activities in the field of health care. Care, Research, Education, and Empowerment: This is our mission here on Campus with facilities for forward-looking, patient-centered care.

Robert Bosch Krankenhaus


When it comes to treating patients, the interplay of a range of medical fields leads to modern and interdisciplinary cutting-edge medicine at university level with a focus on the individual.

Robert Bosch Hospital

Enjoying nationwide renown, the Robert Bosch Hospital has been certified many times. The Hospital dates back to 1915 and a private initiative on the part of entrepreneur Robert Bosch. Today, the Foundation hospital treats up to 40,000 inpatients annually with state-of-the-art medicine and expert nursing.

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RBK Pulmonary Center Stuttgart

The acclaimed RBK Pulmonary Center Stuttgart specializes in treating people with respiratory conditions. Offering precise diagnostics and contemporary treatment, the specialist hospital treats 9,000 inpatients annually, both from the region and from across Germany.

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The Bosch Health Campus is one of the few non-university clinical facilities in Germany with a research mission, supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. With its research activities, which fall under the umbrella of the Robert Bosch Medical Research (RBMF), and numerous collaborations, including with Tübingen University Hospital and the German Cancer Research Center, the Bosch Health Campus is setting standards in the region.

Institute of Clinical Pharmacology

At the internationally renowned Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch Institute of Clinical Pharmacology (IKP), scientists are researching the potential optimal individual course of treatment for each patient at the Bosch Health Campus. Findings from the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology flow directly into clinical treatment and continuing professional education.

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Robert Bosch Center for Tumor Diseases

Improving cancer treatments lies at the heart of the research work of the Robert Bosch Center for Tumor Diseases (RBCT). An interdisciplinary team uses the Center’s findings to advise and treat patients at the Bosch Health Campus. Alongside Tübingen University Hospital, the RBCT is currently one of 13 top cancer centers in Germany.

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Robert Bosch Center for Integrative Medicine and Health

Research into the efficacy and safety of integrative medicine approaches is the focus of the work of the Robert Bosch Center for Integrative Medicine and Health (RBIM). The research results are directly incorporated into the optimization of treatment and counseling of patients.

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Bosch Digital Innovation Hub

The Bosch Digital Innovation Hub - Koordinierungsstelle Telemedizin Baden-Württemberg (KTBW) acts as an agile innovation and implementation unit at the Bosch Health Campus. The unit initiates, supports and coordinates innovative digital health projects in Baden-Württemberg, ranging from ideation to the implementation of innovative care concepts to AI applications in the healthcare sector.

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Institute for the History of Medicine

The Institute for the History of Medicine (IGM) maintains one of the largest specialized libraries with more than 12,000 volumes on the history of homeopathy and over 65,000 publications on the history of medicine as well as a homeopathy archive that preserves the estate of Samuel Hahnemann and Clemens von Bönninghausen, among others. The library and archive can be used by researchers, scientists and interested public.

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Broad, interdisciplinary education plays a key role at the Bosch Health Campus. Attractive, forward-looking, and expert courses for the Campus, and later beyond, are helping to counter the shortage of professionals and ensure high-quality care for all patients.

Irmgard Bosch Learning Center

Innovative, practice-based concepts and a high professional level lay the groundwork for education, training, and continuing professional development at the Irmgard Bosch Learning Center (IBBZ). Thanks to its Skills Lab, the Center took on a pioneering role early on and offers patient-centered and practice-based learning, placements, and work on Campus.

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With the Bosch Health Campus, the Robert Bosch Stiftung is also aligning its decades of successful support work in the field of health care for the future. This adds another unique selling point to the Campus, with a special impact that reaches far beyond the Campus itself. 

Robert Bosch Center for Innovative Health

The nonprofit Robert Bosch Center for Innovative Health is dedicated to promoting promising new ideas for better health care. These can be tested directly on Campus in a living lab and implemented as pilot projects, meaning we are having an impact here on the ground and in our health care system. Further projects are supported across Germany.

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Support for the Bosch Health Campus comes from the Robert Bosch Stiftung

The Robert Bosch Stiftung is active in the areas of health, education, and global issues. Through its funding, it works for a just and sustainable future. The Foundation is non-profit, independent and non-partisan and is rooted in the legacy of the entrepreneur and founder Robert Bosch. The Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH maintains its own facilities, develops innovative projects, and provides support at both the international and local level. The Foundation contributes findings from the projects it funds to the professional world and public debate.

Ever since the Foundation was founded in 1964, addressing the issue of health care has been a core concern. Today, the Foundation works to strengthen the future viability of the health care system. The Robert Bosch Stiftung is the owner of the Bosch Health Campus, which draws together all its activities in the field of health care.