The health care system as we know it is changing, and so too are the qualifications needed and asked for in the health care professions. Located directly on the Bosch Health Campus, the Irmgard Bosch Learning Center is able to take on these changes as needed and respond flexibly in line with demand.  

With a total of 350 training places per year, the Learning Center offers a wide range of training courses for nursing and non-nursing health care professionals alike. But that’s not all: The Center also offers a broad spectrum of study courses, specialist further training, and specialist conferences, as well as job-specific and interdisciplinary further training for both employees and external participants. 

The Irmgard Bosch Learning Center supports the Bosch Health Campus in developing innovative jobs and in the further development of health care professionals and managers. A contemporary facility, the Learning Center leads by example and is focusing on expanding digitalization.

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