Many diseases require the combined expertise of a range of medical experts. Thanks to interdisciplinary collaboration in and between all the different specialist departments as well as its state-of-the-art medical technology, the Robert Bosch Hospital offers optimal care with maximum safety – even in the treatment of complex and rare pathologies. The multiple award-winning and certified hospital and its Pulmonary Center focus on the treatment of cancer as well as diseases of the heart, lungs, and respiratory tract. 

Since 1978, the Robert Bosch Hospital has been an academic teaching hospital as part of the University of Tübingen. It promotes the education of future medical and nursing staff and maintains close links with academic work, including through its own research projects. 
At the Bosch Health Campus, research, education, and funding are translated into treatment even more quickly and directly – a major advantage for patients at the Robert Bosch Hospital. The knowledge gained in the process also serves as an example for other institutions and as such opens the door for transfer to the health care system.  
As well as the high level of medical expertise, the professional nursing care at the Robert Bosch Hospital also plays a major role in the high quality of overall care, with each and every individual being considered holistically.

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Hospital Management

Prof. Dr. Mark Dominik Alscher
Medical director
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Frank Kohler
Commercial Managing Director
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Ralf Busse
Nursing Director
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Sabine Velte
Human Resources Director
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Dr. med. Matthias Zuchowski
Chief Business Development Officer
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Secretariat Management
Tel+49 711 8101-3400
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