The RBK Pulmonary Center’s motto is simple: “To breathe is to live”. The staff there leverage their years of expertise to help people with lung and respiratory conditions. Experienced specialists in pulmonology, pulmonary oncology, and cardiothoracic surgery work side by side with a team of specially trained therapists and nurses.
The Pulmonary Center Stuttgart is actively involved in research and study projects and cooperates with other hospitals and research institutions. 
The hospital’s affiliation with the Bosch Health Campus gives it a proximity to other experts, meaning the Pulmonary Center can offer its patients even more comprehensive care. The experience gained here and the results of research and studies, including on possible treatments for COVID-19, are directly incorporated into treatment at the Bosch Health Campus.

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Center Management

Prof. Dr. Mark Dominik Alscher
Medical director
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Frank Kohler
Commercial Managing Director
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Ralf Busse
Nursing Director
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Sabine Velte
Human Resources Director
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Secretariat Management
Tel+49 711 8101-3400
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