The Bosch Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH) – Koordinierungsstelle Telemedizin Baden-Württemberg (KTBW), originally located at Heidelberg University, functions as a scientific networking platform and catalyst for digital health innovations and innovative health care concepts with the aim of transferring these into the real world context. Translation and implementation, suitable framework conditions and livings labs, early stakeholder involvement and co-creation, intelligent data use and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as strengthening digital health literacy to healthcare professionals and the public are core topics of the BDIH - KTBW always aiming of successfully shaping the healthcare of tomorrow.

The BDIH - KTBW and its sister organisation DG-BW e.V. (Digitale Gesundheit BW) are the central points of contact for all topics relating to digital health in Baden-Württemberg. Both institutions provide a networking platform for the various interests and competences in the field of digital health in Baden-Württemberg. They support (DG-BW) or coordinate (KTBW) various initiatives in an attempt to always identify synergies in order to create added values and ultimately contribute to strategies for a sustainable improvement of healthcare.


Prof. Dr. Oliver G. Opitz, AGAF
Leitung Bosch Digital Innovation Hub - KTBW
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Dr. Armin Pscherer
Strategie und Transfer
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Florian Burg
IT und Digitalkompetenz
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Sarah Ganz
Regionalisierung und Implementierung
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Lena Burg
Translation, Implementierung und Digitalkompetenz
Tel+49 711 8101-3472
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Victoria Klumpp
Kommunikation und Digitalkompetenz
Tel+49152 51907632
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Richard Händel
Regionalisierung und Sozialraumentwicklung
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Maria Aydin
Regionalisierung und Digitalisierung in der Pflege
Tel+49 711 8101-3472
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Dr. Stephanie Bechtel
Agiles Projektmanagement, Internationalisierung und Digitalkompetenz
Tel+49 711 8101-3472
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