Ideas for Impact – new health award for innovative concepts

With the Ideas for Impact, the Bosch Health Campus 2024 is awarding a new health prize on behalf of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. 100,000 euros will be made available for pioneering healthcare concepts and innovative ideas.

Bosch Health Campus | January 2024

A shortage of skilled labour and demographic change are putting our healthcare system and our existing care concepts to the test and posing enormous challenges. What has worked well in the past needs to be further developed and rethought. With the "Ideas for Impact", which will be awarded by the Bosch Health Campus on behalf of the Robert Bosch Stiftung from 2024, the BHC is doing just that. Endowed with 100,000 euros, the new healthcare award honours pioneering healthcare concepts and social innovations that promise better health and a better quality of life while having a positive impact on the development of healthcare throughout society.

The Ideas for Impact is a further development of the former Otto Mühlschlegel Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. This was awarded every two years until 2020 as an unendowed honourary prize. It honoured outstanding personalities for special services to old age and ageing. The Otto and Edith Mühlschlegel Foundation is administered as a dependent foundation within the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

With its mission to pave the way for future- and patient-centred healthcare for all people, the Bosch Health Campus will continue the successful life's work of founder Otto Mühlschlegel with the Ideas for Impact from 2024 and aims to make healthcare in Germany fit for the future, especially against the backdrop of an ageing society. The focus of the award is therefore changing from a pure age award to a holistic health award. The needs of older people will continue to play a decisive role.

With the new price, we are starting where we see the greatest need for action.

The decisive factor is the transformation of our healthcare system and previous care concepts. The more imitators the award-winning concepts find, the more can be achieved together, emphasises Prof. Dr Mark Dominik Alscher, Managing Director of the Bosch Health Campus.

To ensure that the award-winning concepts can also have a broad impact, the Bosch Health Campus will provide a further 80,000 euros following the award ceremony. By means of health policy and publicity-raising communication and transfer services, it aims to disseminate the results to society in a targeted manner and find as many imitators as possible.

A jury of six experts will select the winning concept. The 2024 members are made up of experts from the fields of health research, geriatrics, ethics and futurology:


  • Professor Dr. Ernst Th. Rietschel
    Founding Director, Berlin Institute of Health
  • Professor Dr. Christine von Arnim
    Head of Geriatrics, Universitätsmedizin Göttingen
  • Dr. Daniel Dettling
    Chief Executive Officer, Gesundheitsstadt Berlin, political scientist and futurologist
  • Susanne Kluge-Paustian
    Television author, NDR Visite-Team
  • Professor Dr. Mark Dominik Alscher
    Chief Executive Officer, Bosch Health Campus
  • Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol
    Head of Robert Bosch Center for Innovative Health


The award ceremony will take place on 22 February 2024 in Berlin.