As part of various digital health literacy projects, the BDIH - KTBW operates the Digital Health Truck, a vehicle that brings digital health tools and innovations to local citizens at their ‘market place’ or health care provider at their educational sites. The DHT travels to various municipalities, institutions and events all over Baden-Württemberg, presents the digital world of the healthcare system of the future in a clear and tangible way and organises all sorts of teaching formats with local partners as required.

The truck is accompanied by the experienced BDIH - KTBW team, which provides information on all tools, explaining and demonstrating their functionality and encouraging visitors to experience them by themselves.

The DHT includes, for example:

  • Telemedicine devices including digitally connected medical devices such as digital stethoscopes, ECGs, dermatoscopes, otoscopes, etc. as well as corresponding software, which can be used, for example, to carry out the ‘doctor’s visit’ at home and transmitting the data and findings collected directly to the doctor’s office.
  • Smart medical devices for home use such as 1-channel ECG, blood pressure monitors, clinical thermometers, etc., with which you can monitor your own health and then save the values, e.g. via an app.
  • Wearables such as smartwatches or chest straps for monitoring heart rate, respiration, temperature, oxygen saturation and other vital parameters.
  • Digital health applications, apps, which can help to monitor your symptoms, your vital signs, your medication etc, as well as to transfer signs and symptoms to the doctor’s office.
  • Software systems that are used in doctor’s offices and are connected to the telematics infrastructure. The electronic prescription and the electronic patient file can also be experienced live here.
  • All sorts of telemedicine applications
  • Digital health applications (DiGAs), also known as ‘apps on prescription’, can be prescribed by doctors or psychotherapists and support the detection, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of various mostly chronic diseases. In addition to the publicly accessible DiGA directory, various applications can also be tested directly.
  • VR and data glasses, which will transport you into a virtual reality and with which various medical applications can already be trained in today's world

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