University of Bayreuth and Bosch Health Campus Arrange Research Cooperation

The Bosch Health Campus (BHC) in Stuttgart and the Institute for Medical Management & Health Sciences (IMG) at the University of Bayreuth have agreed to engage in scientific cooperation. In future, research projects on medical management, leadership, and digitalisation will be developed and implemented in partnership. Joint studies on these topics will be publicly accessible and will flow into health economics study programmes at both institutions.

Bosch Health Campus | August 2022
Kooperation mit der Uni Bayreuth
[DE Copy] RBK/Dennis Henzler

Dr. med. Matthias Zuchowski (left) and Prof. Dr. mult. Eckhard Nagel.

he joint projects on health management aim to link the application-related competencies at the Bosch Health Campus (BHC) locations with the more research-related and scientific-practical specialist competencies of the Institute for Medical Management & Health Sciences (IMG). The focus is on fundamental questions concerning the management and organisation of hospitals, which are to be answered with regard to characteristic structural features and digitalisation processes.
In view of the increased expectations and challenges for the healthcare system – especially for hospitals – the two cooperation partners agree that questions regarding the management of healthcare facilities are becoming increasingly relevant for society. They are convinced that the management responsible for complex organisations such as hospitals and care centres in particular has a central role to play. The jointly developed findings are to be presented publicly.  

Another focus of the cooperation between the University of Bayreuth and the Bosch Health Campus will be on teaching and student exchange. The project leader of the cooperation at the BHC and Head of the Health Economics Research Group, Dr. Matthias Zuchowski, will provide insights into the practice of health management in courses of the Bayreuth "Health Economics" degree programme. At the same time, students will have the opportunity to complete internships in the facilities of the Bosch Health Campus, especially in the administrative areas of the Robert Bosch Hospital (RBK). This will give them first-hand experience of current developments and structural issues in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, it has been agreed that they will be able to write bachelor's or master's theses on practice-related health economics topics in exchange with those responsible at the Bosch Health Campus.