Joana Ruf is the new director of the Irmgard Bosch Learning Center

The experienced nursing educator and educational scientist Joana Ruf has taken over the management of the Irmgard Bosch Learning Center (IBBZ) at the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart. The future of vocational learning is particularly important to her – especially against the backdrop of digitalization.

Bosch Health Campus | April 2024
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Christoph Schmidt

Joana Ruf is looking forward to her new tasks at the Irmgard Bosch Learing Center.

Joana Ruf has headed the nursing school at the Ostalb clinics since 2018 and their newly founded health academy since 2020. In addition to training as a nurse, she has successfully completed a degree in nursing education and a Master's in Educational Science. After two years of teaching at the Ostalb Clinics' nursing school, Joana Ruf initially took over as deputy head of school and then head of school from 2018. She set up the cross-location health academy for the Ostalb clinics and managed it until recently.

"We are delighted to have gained an experienced nursing educator and educational scientist in Joana Ruf as Director of the IBBZ," says Prof. Dr. Mark Dominik Alscher, CEO of the Bosch Health Campus. Because: "Innovative and practical concepts as well as a high professional level form the basis for patient-oriented and practical learning, practicing and working at the Irmgard Bosch Learning Center."

"The culture of lifelong learning and operational knowledge management is becoming increasingly important in the ever more complex healthcare sector," explains Joana Ruf. "The future of professional learning, especially against the backdrop of digitalization, in the healthcare professions is particularly close to my heart."