How does the project work?

The pre-selection of suitable concepts takes place via an award procedure. This is based on a mapping process in which ten projects are nominated for the shortlist from over 100 projects based on previously defined criteria. An expert jury then selects the prize concept from these ten projects. After the award ceremony, the Bosch Health Campus will work with the award winners to develop further transfer services with the aim of bringing the concept format and results to the community in a targeted manner and finding imitators. 

Members of the Jury:

  • Professor Dr. Ernst Th. Rietschel, Founding director Berlin Institute of Health
  • Professor Dr. Christine von Arnim, Head of Geriatrics Universitätsmedizin Göttingen
  • Dr. Daniel Dettling, CEO Gesundheitsstadt Berlin, Politikwissenschaftler und Zukunftsforscher
  • Susanne Kluge-Paustian, Television author, NDR Visite-Team
  • Professor Dr. Mark Dominik Alscher, CEO, Bosch Health Campus
  • Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol, Head of Robert Bosch Center for Innovative Health