Criteria for the selection of projects

The Bosch Health Campus stands for innovation and progress. All selected projects should reflect this. The concepts should be capable of being imitated and transferred without restrictions (no licensing or similar).

We are looking for projects that

  • are bold, innovative, inspiring and pioneering for the future of healthcare,
  • promise better health and/or a better quality of life, especially for older people, and
  • have an impact on the qualitative development of healthcare as a whole,
  • offer needs-orientated and coordinated offers/services, particularly for prevention and health promotion.

Digitalisation and artificial intelligence are important drivers of a modern healthcare system.
Accordingly, projects should

  • take up/utilise digital innovations and thus drive forward the digital transformation of the healthcare system. The use of artificial intelligence is desirable, but not essential.

A sustainable healthcare system also needs social innovations. Projects

  • should help to bring about social change and, for example, establish new forms of communication, collaboration and living. The thematic spectrum can range from intergenerational exchange, virtual and real, urban and rural and/or inclusion to medicine and care.
  • should be dedicated to an important challenge in healthcare and provide low-threshold help and support to patients, citizens and/or professional groups in the healthcare sector.