In Brief

About the project

SCIANA is a network that brings together leaders and key stakeholders from different areas of health care to address current and future challenges in health and health care. Its work is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SCIANA Network is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung together with The Health Foundation in the United Kingdom and the Careum Stiftung in Switzerland in collaboration with the Salzburg Global Seminar platform for dialog. The network provides its members from Germany, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland with the time and space to share their experiences in the face of pressing challenges, such as fiscal strains on the health care system, the rise in the number of patients with chronic illnesses, demographic change, and migration. In addition, participants develop new and innovative approaches to health care and health policy that have the potential to initiate tangible, long-term change.

Insights into the SCIANA Network

Contact person

Astrid Koblmüller
Salzburg Global Seminar
Tel+43 662 83983-306
e-mail to Astrid Koblmüller

Contact person at Bosch Health Campus

Louise Baker-Schuster
Senior Project Manager
Tel+49 711 8101-2670
e-mail to Louise Baker-Schuster