The Center for Medical Data Integration (meDIC), as part of Medical Informatics at the Bosch Health Campus, links the field of IT with standard clinical care and medical research. By collating and collecting a wide range of health data (specialist examinations, laboratory and vital signs measurements, medication, etc.), medical staff gets a comprehensive overview of the patient's state of health. This enables individualised treatments and customised therapies. The meDIC’s data collection thus supports doctors in providing precise patient care.  At the same time, it serves as a valuable resource for medical research by providing it with bundled health data. One exemplary research objective is the automated detection of complications in intensive care units; another is the improvement of routine protocols for MRI examinations. In addition, the Center for Medical Data Integration supports the development of well-founded strategies in hospital management. The center works with the latest digital technology and continuously implements innovative technologies to increase efficiency in hospital operations and maintain the quality of patient care at the highest level. 

In this way, the meDIC is closely interlinked and intertwined with many departments and facilities of the Bosch Health Campus - from the central IT department to clinical departments such as cardiac surgery, nephrology, cardiology, geriatrics, pneumology, emergency admissions and oncology, through to the research institutes. Examples of the successful networking with institutions outside the BHC include the newly founded site of the National Centre for Tumor Diseases NCT-SüdWest, which is a close collaboration with the University Hospital of Tübingen and Ulm on issues relating to innovative cancer therapies. Furthermore, the meDIC cooperated with the ROUTINE real-world laboratory at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe to research ways of using AI-based algorithms to improve clinical care.

The Bosch Health Campus is one of the first non-university institutions in Germany to include a Center for Medical Data Integration in its objectives. From 2025, the BHC will also make the data available to other healthcare facilities/clinics via the meDIC. The BHC is thus creating the technical, organisational and regulatory conditions for a digital future in the healthcare sector.

Das meDIC auf der Bosch Connected World 2024

Contact person

Nico Schmid
Head of Medical Informatics and Data Integration Center
Auerbachstrasse 112
70376 Stuttgart
Tel+49 711 8101-5158
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