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About the project

Together with the project organizer, the Agnes-Karll-Gesellschaft, and in collaboration with the German Nurses Association DBfK, we aim to establish Community Health Nursing, a demanding care profession, in Germany. The aim of Community Health Nursing is to improve primary health care in a local, sustainable, and evidence-based manner, taking into consideration various challenges, such as the demographic change, a shortage of physicians in rural areas, the increase in civilization diseases, and the shortage of skilled nursing professionals.

Following the example of countries such as Canada and Finland, Community Health Nursing is an academic qualification for nursing professionals that prepares them for work in primary health care in both urban and rural areas. To this end, new master’s degree programs in Community Health Nursing are offered at three German universities, Katholische Stiftungshochschule München, Evangelische Hochschule Dresden and Universität Witten-Herdecke. The programs are accompanied by activities aimed to establish the profession of Community Health Nursing in Germany in the long term.


Amelie Montigel
Project Manager
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